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I have a speed 3 just like yours same color and everything.When I went car shopping my mind was set on the Genesis the car looks great and seems fun to drive but after testing driving both the genesis and the Ms3.I went with the best choice which was the speed 3, Power and torque wise the speed 3 kills the genesis. I must agree that genesis has the advantage of being RWD but to my opinion the speed 3 handled much better, I test drove both around the back of the dealer on an abandoned road with some sharp turns and I must say the way the speed 3 respond coming out of a corner was better then the genesis.I have beaten 4 fully bolted Genesis with my fairly stock Ms3..So if your not affraid of some torque steer and want to be in a fast wagon then stick to your speed 3.And if you want to do some drifting and off the hole races then get a Genesis.At the end its all on your taste and what your plans for the car is, Im very happy with my Ms3 and can’t wait till shes fully bolted. BTW thats a good looking speed 3 you got there lol

Carlos ,