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Exhausts Galore Bring Your Car So Much More!

One of the most common upgrades in the automotive aftermarket when it comes to performance, sound, and looks is an ...
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Weistec 2000HP CLK63 Drag Car

Weistec Engineering and Velocity Factor Join Forces!

Velocity Factor has always offered our customers the very best in ECU tuning, performance hardware, wheels, brake systems, suspension upgrades ...
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A Custom 370 Z Head-Turner!

When a long-time customer of Velocity Factor comes into our shop to make his beloved ride unique, we’re always happy ...
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ARK Infiniti Q60 coupe white

To Infiniti And Beyond!

When it comes to incredible platforms of cars to build on, there are certainly many to choose from. It’s hard ...
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Wheels on Floor

Custom Wheels Galore!

When it comes to making any vehicle “your own” there is no modification that makes as bold a statement as ...
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2018 VW Golf ‘R’ Transformed Into a 400+HP Beast!

There’s no greater compliment than repeat customers who come back for work on their new cars. In this particular instance, ...
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Moreno RCF2

Across the Country, Velocity Factor Delivers!

It’s no secret that we here at Velocity Factor love Carbon Fiber as much as any enthusiast. We proudly offer ...
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Yes, we do Jeeps and other cars too!

Here at Velocity Factor we’ve cut our teeth over the years doing the best performance work, enhancements, and service on ...
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Genaro S4-3

Staging A Proper Audi S4 Build

Any fan of Audi knows that the 3.0TFSI Supercharged engines are incredibly stout, well designed, and quite underpowered given their ...
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New Unitronic Intake Image1

Product Spotlight: Unitronic Tuning and Performance Parts for Audi and Volkswagen

With more than 15 years offering the best tuning and performance products, Unitronic lives up to their slogan every day ...
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Supercharged FR-S! Jackson Racing Supercharger Install

The crew here at Velocity Factor are lucky enough to work on some of the newest and coolest vehicles you ...
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BMW 340i M-Package Perfection!

It’s no surprise that BMW’s B58 motor which replaced the N55 is an extremely stout engine. Making just over 300 ...
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Niche Tesla Model S

Tesla: “Modernizing the Modern”

What better way to give a beautiful car like the TESLA a unique touch with an enhanced yet subtle upgrade ...
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When it comes to the finest performance and tuning products for your late-model Volkswagen / VW and Audi vehicles, Velocity ...
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Subaru WRX & STi’s from A to Z!

When it comes to late-model Subaru WRX’s and STi’s, Velocity Factor has everything needed to bring these cars to their ...
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Widebody FRS gets a turbo & custom tune!

When this beautiful Scion FRS rolled into Velocity Factor replete with its custom wide-body kit, custom striping reminiscent of the ...
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Mastering a Maserati

When it comes to exotic and luxury cars, Velocity Factor has our customers covered! We recently had the privilege of ...
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Quite Possibly The Best Service For Your Car…

When it comes to basic maintenance for your vehicle, many people don’t realize just how important the little things are ...
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MINI Cooper ’S’ gets a sporty transformation!

A new customer to Velocity Factor recently brought us her 2015 MINI Cooper S F55 Sedan for some incredible upgrades! ...
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Beautiful Red Ferrari gets the Velocity Factor Treatment!

When it comes to accessorizing, customizing, and enhancing your exotic cars, Velocity Factor has you covered from A to Z! ...
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