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Here at Velocity Factor we love taking on new challenges! We specialize in performance work and tuning but we also have years of experience installing top of the line visual accessories to vehicles. We have done everything from simple trunk spoiler installs to custom wide body kits. This time the customer came to us with a specific design in mind. He had seen a concept vehicle online with a distinct vehicle wrap that he fell in love with. In most cases vehicle wraps will follow certain body lines on the vehicle, making it difficult to replicate a wrap from a different make and model vehicle. We worked closely with the customer and our in-house vehicle wrap specialist to come up with a design that followed the original design the customer liked, but also accentuate the body lines of his vehicle. You can see some photos below of the vehicle once the wrap was applied. We also tinted the headlights and taillights of the vehicle per the customer’s request. Typically we do not recommend tinting the headlight for safety reasons, but the customer made a specific request to do so. Tinting the headlights can decrease road visibility at night time leading to increased risk of an accident to occur.

This was far from the end! The customer purchased the vehicle used and was really trying to make the car his own. There were some light bolt on modifications done to the vehicle at the time of purchase, but he wanted to take this car to the next level! When it comes to Ford Focus performance parts and tuning there is only one company we go to, COBB Tuning! We put together a Stage 3 package, using some parts the customer already had installed at the time. The vehicle already had a front mount intercooler and air intake system installed at the time of purchase, so all we needed to complete the Stage 3 Package from COBB was a downpipe, cat-back exhaust, and and the rear motor mount. Like we said earlier, COBB is the way to go if you are looking for the right parts the first time. We went with COBB’s Resonated Downpipe they make for this vehicle. Fitment and build quality are top notch! We always recommend going with a catted variant if you are looking to order a new downpipe. Having a resonated downpipe will help to keep burnt fuel smell to a minimum, as well as giving you a deep aggressive tone to your exhaust without having drone and unreasonably loud cold starts. In most cases, a catless downpipe will be unbearably loud not only during cold start but also during normal driving. When we finished installing and double checking our work on the exhaust we went ahead and removed the factory rear motor mount and replaced it with COBB’s improved variant. The COBB motor mount reduces vibration and reduces engine movement. You will notice much less vibration during idle, as well as reduced wheel hop. To ensure everything was running at optimal performance with the new tune we usually recommend a fresh set of spark plugs. In this instance we went with a heat range colder NGK Iridium plug. But we weren’t done just yet!

We have a saying here at Velocity Factor “wheels make the car”. You will truly be shocked to see how different your vehicle will look with such a simple upgrade. This customer had purchased the vehicle used, so he really wanted to do something to make this car his own. He picked out a gorgeous set of RAYS wheels to really make this car pop. He decided upon a set of RAYS Gram Lights 57CR in Gunblue. RAYS makes top of the line wheels straight from Japan, and are one of the top wheel manufacturers in the world. These wheels really made the vehicle pop! We wrapped the new wheels with a set of Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires, the most premium road tire money can buy. Before we finished installing the wheels, we went ahead and refinished the factory brake calipers to match the wrap work done to the vehicle. We have over a decade of experience refinishing calipers and have mastered the process. We work closely with the customer to ensure not only the perfect color match but the correct size and placement of factory decals on the caliper.

All that was left was the tune! We set the customer up with the latest COBB AccessPORT V3, made specific for his vehicle. Our technician flashed on his new Stage 3 OTS software, gave the vehicle one last look to make sure everything looked right, and took her out for a test drive. And just like that this car was ready to go! This car came to us as a newly purchased used car and left with a whole new identity! We were ecstatic to be able to help take this customer’s vision and bring it to fruition!


Velocity Factor features the very best in products, installation, and service for our customers. We’re dealers for hundreds of performance products and upgrades for just about every late model car or truck. If you want to learn what Velocity Factor can do for your vehicle, contact us today at (561)-395-5700 by phone, email us at: or come visit us! Our showroom is open Monday through Friday from 10am to 6pm and Saturdays from 12pm to 4pm. We look forward to meeting and working with you in bringing your vision to reality here at Velocity Factor!

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