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Back in Black! Mercedes CLK63 AMG Black Series


We recently had the pleasure of working on a customer’s beautiful 2008 Mercedes CLK63 AMG Black Series. Customer was interested in doing some tasteful modifications to make a bit more power out of the vehicle. We knew right away that Weistec was the way to go! We had our guys install Weistec’s ROW Airboxes with new high-flow performance Air Filters. Next, we got together with Weistec to dial in the perfect tune for the new intakes. Weistec offers their Cypher ECU Tuning platform to help you be able to remotely tune vehicles without the need to send in the ECU from your vehicle.

When a vehicle like this comes in and leaves with a bunch more power, we always like to visually inspect a customer’s brakes and ensure they will be able to stop their new beast! This vehicle needed new brakes bad! We ended up going with top of the line Brembo Brake Pads and Rotors. Once the braking system was flushed we filled it back up with high performance Motul RBF brake fluid. When we removed the wheels we noticed the E-Brake shoes were brittle and crumbling apart so we decided it would be best to replace those for the safety of the customer. Before the wheels went back on we installed a set of H&R Hub Centric Wheel Spacers front and rear to pull the wheels out in the wheel well, giving the vehicle a more stylish and aggressive look.

Lastly, the customer brought us his car with some minor curb rash on a few of the wheels with the request of getting them repaired. We had our technicians professionally refinish the damage to the lip of the wheel and match the factory finish that was on the wheel. Once the repair work was done, we deep cleaned and applied a nano ceramic coating to the entire wheel to keep brake dust/dirt from sticking to the wheel as easily. With the wheels back on the vehicle we gave it a nice wash and wax and we were done!

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