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Exciting New Product Lines at Velocity Factor!

Here at Velocity Factor we’re always looking for the newest and best products to offer our customers. Some of these are from long-standing companies and others are newer, with both being proven through various means. We also listen carefully to our customers in having the products they want available here at Velocity Factor for their vehicles.
With that, we are proud to announce Velocity Factor becoming a dealer for the following companies: Anderson Composites, RW Carbon, Aquamist, RIPP Superchargers, and Mantic Clutch.
Anderson Composites is a top-level manufacturer of carbon fiber products for a variety of vehicles. From hoods to doors, fenders, and much more, they’ve earned an excellent reputation for constructing top-quality carbon fiber pieces that are uniquely styled for all tastes. Have a look at some of their parts below and you’ll see why Velocity Factor chose to work with Anderson Composites. They have a large inventory in stock and on a made-to-order basis their times are more than reasonable. If you’d like to see more please view their website at: and know you can place your order here at Velocity Factor for the very best pricing and professional installations.

RW Carbon is another manufacturer of carbon fiber products primarily for European vehicles. Their pricing is incredibly reasonable making carbon fiber products like splitters, side skirts, rear diffusers, decklid spoilers and more extremely accessible to those who want their vehicles to look great without breaking the bank. If you’d like to see more about their product lines please view their website at:

Aquamist is a long standing and world-renowned manufacturer of Water Injection, Methanol Injection, and Water-Methanol kits. Their products and components are of excellent quality and have been used in some of the best modified cars throughout the world for many decades. Velocity Factor is proud to align ourselves with a company of such high-caliber. You can view more about their products here at:

Mantic Clutch is a U.S.-based manufacturer of clutch kits for many different vehicle applications, with a wide range of power capacities. Their quality control is incredible and while many clutch companies use a variety of metals in their products, Mantic Clutch uses the best in billet aluminum for strength, consistency, and longevity. They offer applications for both domestic and import cars and recently launched an incredible product line for the Subaru BRZ / Scion FR-S / Toyota 86 series cars that are truly the best clutch kits you can buy! Velocity Factor is thrilled to have Mantic Clutch join our extensive product line of excellent manufacturers and you can see more about them here at:

RIPP Superchargers is a great company that provides full bolt-on Supercharger systems for a host of vehicles including Jeeps, Dodge/Mopar cars, and much more. Their systems are based off of Vortech Superchargers and having fitted their kits we can tell you that they’re phenomenally well-put together, engineered, and completely reversible! The horsepower and torque gains are beyond compare and they’re all tested and proven with RIPP’s own development vehicles. For the best turn-key solutions to Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep V6 and many V8 engines look no further than RIPP Superchargers! You can see more about them here at:

When it comes to offering the best products and services, Velocity Factor simply cannot be beat! We’re always looking to expand on our excellent product line and with these additions their is so much to offer our customers. Come visit our showroom located at 980 North Dixie Highway in Boca Raton, call our sales professionals at (561)-395-5700, or email: today! Velocity Factor is open Monday – Friday from 10am-6pm EST and Saturdays from 12pm-4pm EST. We look forward to hearing from, and working with you here at Velocity Factor!

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