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Suspension Upgrades Done Right!

When it comes to any vehicle’s performance, one of the most satisfying and rewarding upgrades are those done to the suspension system. This can come in many forms. From lowering springs to coil-over suspensions, sway bars, strut bars, and every component in between Velocity Factor has the experience, products, and knowledge to have your vehicle looking and performing it’s best.
For most, a good set of lowering springs will more than suffice. Many times people look at price in making their decision on which company’s springs to choose. While this is always a factor, the most important thing is to understand how companies engineer their springs and suspension components. Velocity Factor offers parts from many manufacturers including H&R, KW, Eibach, and TEIN to name a few. These companies, and others in their caliber spend a lot of time and money testing their components on the actual vehicles they’re engineered for. They’re road-tested, track-tested, and subjected to endurance and quality control. These are the primary reasons why Velocity Factor offers and recommends their components. They fit perfectly and perform flawlessly, with incredible R&D and technical support behind them. Staff member’s personal vehicles have these products on their own cars as well.

With regard to the more serious enthusiast, especially those whose vehicles see any track or off-road duty a fully adjustable coil-over suspension system is called for. Some coil-overs in their most basic form offer height adjustability which suffices many, while others offer full adjustability in terms of compression, camber, toe and more with the proper components.

Any suspension is only as good as it’s installation and setup. The staff at Velocity Factor has vast experience in setting up suspensions properly with precise installations. Be it street, track, or a combination of uses you can be rest assured that your suspension setup will be done right, with the best alignments that suit your needs. Velocity Factor prides itself on having many years of track experience which directly translates into the best on-road expertise in suspension setups.

H&R Swaybar Install
Do you want your car to look it’s best, perform and handle to it’s greatest potential? If so, contact the professionals at Velocity Factor today to determine the ideal setup for your vehicle at the right price and with the utmost in precise and thorough installations. You can visit us at our showroom and facility located at 980 N. Dixie Highway in Boca Raton, email us at: or call us at: (561)-395-5700. We look forward to working with you!

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