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Widebody FRS gets a turbo & custom tune!

When this beautiful Scion FRS rolled into Velocity Factor replete with its custom wide-body kit, custom striping reminiscent of the original Toyota IMSA GTP livery, needless to say we were admiring the creativity of the car’s owner. With the looks, this customer wanted the performance to match so Velocity Factor was entrusted to install a custom FA20 turbo kit for the car with all the proper heat-wrapping and a proper tune.


The Velocity Factor custom ECUtek tune we crafted for this car featured Speed Density mapping for precise tune control, no check-engine lights being thrown, and multiple maps created for the owner to choose from (valet mode, along with performance and race modes). He certainly came to the right place! Given this car is not only a street-driven vehicle but one that’s on a national show circuit, it needed to be done to the highest standards with the ultimate in reliability. After receiving our custom tune, the car was comfortably making close to 300 HP (a near 50% increase!) on mild boost levels as the vehicle’s engine is completely stock as the owner desired. The custom in-house ECUtek tune made the car fast and reliable for using pump-gas and a rock-steady idle. When it was all said-and-done there was no doubt that this was a big leap for both performance and enjoyment alike, and our customer couldn’t have been happier!



Do you have a Scion FRS, Subaru BRZ, or Toyota 86 that you’d like modified? From exhausts, wheels, suspensions, brakes, aero enhancements, turbo and supercharger systems, Velocity Factor has you covered! Come visit us today, or reach us via email or phone ( or (561)-395-5700) and we’ll make sure you get the best parts, pricing, and service for your car too!


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