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Lexus IS-F Back For Some Nitrous!

A long time customer of the shop brought back his Lexus IS-F for some spray! We wanted to install the kit in a way that would not hurt the motor but would be fun for years to come. We gave the guys at Nitrous Express a call and they helped us get all the components we would need to make this customer more than happy! After alot of back and forth with the customer (who in this case preferred speed to safety) we decided to go with a 75 shot of nitrous.

In the interior of the vehicle we mounted all the system controls discreetly. The switch to arm the system is a nice blue backlit switch. This allows for the user to easily distinguish whether the nitrous system is armed or not. Right next to the switch to arm the nitrous, we installed a purge button that allows the driver to purge the lines of any excess nitrous oxide. In the glove box we installed the window switch that controls the entire Nitrous Express system.

We made sure throughout the install that wire and hoses were hidden away to ensure a clean finished product. The bottle is custom mounted in the trunk of the vehicle, making it easily removable for refilling. The purge line is installed so it vents between the hood and the windshield.


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