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2015 BMW M3 Methanol Injection & Custom Burger Motorsport Tune

This new 2015 BMW M3 came in for a Methanol Injection Kit and tune to go along with it. The idea behind a Methanol/Water injection kit is to reduce air inlet temperatures to allow you to safely increase boost while cooling down combustion to prevent detonation. This is achieved by delivering a finely atomized mist of water and methanol to an engine cylinder charge to cool cumbustion. Newer vehicle are often times equipped with knock-sensors that are good at preventing detonation by delaying ignition timing when a knock is sensed. This is very beneficial for your engine but greatly reduces power and fuel economy. Along with the Meth Injection Kit from Snow Performance we had a custom tune made for this vehicle by Burger Motorsports to support the new setup and ensure it would run reliably. Everything was meticulously installed to ensure system reliability. Check out some photos below to see the finished product!

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