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Velocity Factor Evo X

A long time friend and associate of the shop, Clinton is the proud owner and driver of one of the baddest Evo’s you will ever lay your eyes on, that is if your eyes can keep up. The owner of this vehicle, Clinton, is easily the top tuner we have ever come across when it comes to Mitsubishi and Evo’s in particular. This vehicle was built with one goal in mind, the fastest, most reliable Evo X in the world! Muahaha! But really, this monster makes over 800 WHP and has beaten everything from a 2J Supra to a Mclaren on the strip! Not only is this car fast in a straight line but it has top of the line OHLINS suspension components and STOPTECH brakes that would allow for you to road race! The main problem we encountered with this project was fueling the beast, causing us to use an array of three different fuel pumps and a sump to get enough fuel. The carbon fiber front bumper, hood, and side skirts on this vehicle were all imported from a company called VARIS out of Japan. This car was built with only top of the line products. Again, our main goal was for this vehicle to be as reliable as possible. With the current setup this car has ran a full race season on the same motor with no break downs.

This vehicle has a fully built transmission and the vehicle is tuned for flat footed shifting so the vehicle can be shifted to the next gear without letting off the throttle. We are running a BorgWarner EFR 9174 turbocharger, with an internal wastegate, but as of this year we are switching to a twin external wastegate. Downpipes are ceramic coated to cut down on heat. We have also made a number of proprietary tweaks to the fuel system that we have been developing and testing for years on high horsepower builds. The head on this vehicle has not been ported, polished, or anything of the sort. This car is also sponsored by our friend Geoff at Full Race.

Check out Clinton’s YouTube channeljusta2L

He is not only the owner and driver of this bad ass Evo X, but he is a mainstay at the top of the SRMS (Street Racing Made Safe) Top 10 list. He has plenty of awesome videos on his channel that showcase the insane power of his ride! Check out some of his videos below…

If you have any questions about anything you see here or anywhere else on the blog feel free to give us a call or stop by the shop! We can be reached at (561)395-5700 or you can just stop by, we are located at 980 N Dixie Highway in Boca Raton FL. Our hours of operation are Monday through Friday 10 A.M. until 6:30 P.M. and Saturday 12 P.M. until 4:30 P.M.



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