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Velocity Factor – 2014 Audi RS7 APR Software Upgrade



The owner of this elegant Audi RS7 wanted to make his RS7 a special one. Nothing like more horsepower to make any vehicle feel special.The RS7 is already a capable vehicle with a 4.0 liter turbocharged V8 under the hood. From the factory in Germany, this Audi develops 560 brake horsepower channeled through its sophisticated four-wheel drive system. With the APR stage I software upgrade, this land missile with quilted leather seats is now making 674 BHP and 700 lbs of torque. This is real world usable horsepower. APR takes pride in developing performance oriented software for cars that are driven regularly. This means that the extra power is felt immediately with no loss to reliable disability. To put things in perspective, This RS7 is generating more horsepower from its V8 than the V10 engine on Audi’s own R8 LMS ULTRA racing car and can be driven legally on any road any time. The Audi R8 racing car generates about 552 BHP.  As a bonus, the owner opted to get all programing that are available from APR. To access these features, an APR dongle OBD II port was also installed. Through his apple mobile device, the engine programing can be changed back to stock, activate a speed/power electronic limiter valet parking function and if the owner feels like doing so, a 100 octane racing fuel option for track day events. Over 100 extra horsepower in less than one hour. Such is the efficiency of an engine software upgrade at Velocity Factor, authorized dealer and installer for all APR products in South Florida.

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