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Velocity Factor – Track Day Recommendations

This is the beginning of a new year and with it, the start of a new season of track day events. Whether you’re a seasoned weekend warrior or a first timer, your car needs to be ready. Track Days are increasing in popularity in South Florida and to make this an enjoyable event, you need to make it safe.

This is a new series of recommendations for your Track Day events by the professionals at Velocity Factor. These recommendations apply to both, the daily driven cars and the dedicated track toys.

Brake, Brake, Brake!!!

We’ve all heard these instructions being screamed at us by a very concerned track day instructor. Most of the time, you missed your braking points. In others, your car factory stock braking system wasn’t up to the task. Even the most extreme of exotic cars have braking systems that while surpasses the needs of the daily commute, will not handle the increased temperatures and demands of a race track. To help you stay on the track, you first need to upgrade your brakes. We all enjoy the thrills of traveling at well over 130mph on the straight at Palm Beach International Raceway but it will serve no purpose to attain a high top speed if you’re not able to slow down your car and make turn 10.

Essential Track Day Upgrades:

  1. Slotted Rotors.
    1. Recommended Brand(s): Brembo, StopTech.
  2. Brake Fluid with a higher boiling point than factory standards.
    1. Reccomended Brand: Motul 600.
  3. Steel Braided Brake Lines.
  4. Performance Oriented Brake Pads.
    1. Recommended Brand: Hawk Performance Ceramic pads.

At velocity Factor we can assist with the sale and installation of these parts. This brake upgrade can be done in one visit. Gives us a call or stop by to discuss all the different options we can offer.




At Velocity Factor, we take reliable automotive performance very seriously.  If you are interested in improving your car’s appearance or performance, please give us a call.  We are always happy to provide free advice and support over the phone. Our number is 561-395-5700. We are open Monday-Friday 10:00-6:00EST, and Saturday 12:00-4:00EST.


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