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Velocity Factor – 2015 Subaru WRX STI Performance Upgrades Preview


We at Velocity Factor are very interested in the new Subaru WRX STI.  We recently acquired one and will be doing a great build.  The parts for this build are on order, and we are waiting for them to come in.  Be sure to follow our blog for all the latest.


<– UPDATE — 1/24/2015 –>

We have received in a Stage-2 kit from Cobb to start the build.  It includes  COBB Accessport, SF Intake, SF Airbox, Turbo Inlet Hose, Turboback, Rear  Motor Mount, Fuel Pump Upgrade, and Exhaust Hangers to secure the  upgraded exhaust that we will be installing as well.  Be sure to stay  tuned to see pictures as we begin our build with this Subaru WRX Project  Car.  We will also continue to post up more components as the build  progresses and we continue to improve this great car.  We also have the Subaru STI Project Car coming up as well.  Be sure to stay tuned!

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