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Velocity Factor – 2013 MazdaSpeed 3

This customer came to us with a request to improve his MazdaSpeed 3 performance.  In addition to increasing his engine power, we also improved the car’s handling and reliability.

To increase the engine performance we installed a complete Stage-1 package.  The MazdaSpeed 3 Stage-1 Package includes:


At Velocity Factor, our tuning philosophy calls for great performance, but with no compromise in reliability and safety.  In order to monitor boost pressures and insure the reliability of this car, we also installed a Defi White Racer Boost Gauge.  This will allow the driver to easily catch any discrepancies before they become a problem.

Withe the improved performance, we also wanted to improve the handling of this MazdaSpeed 3 so that the added power can be better harnessed and controlled.   To accomplish this goal, we installed H&R Sport Springs for the MazdaSpeed 3.  This upgrade not only improves the safety and handling of the car, but also gives an improved appearance and stance.

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