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GhibliBeforeAfter_FEATURED Mastering a Maserati (1/17/2018) - When it comes to exotic and luxury cars, Velocity Factor has our customers covered! We recently had the privilege of working on a beautiful 2015 Maserati Ghibli SQ4 which our customer wanted to make unique and stand out from the rest. Our staff constructed a package ranging from cosmetics to performance and got right to work! The first order was to take the factory black brake calipers and update them to a beautiful “Ferrari Red” with the proper Maserati logos. As you can see from the pictures, we did a perfect job in matching both and they added a tremendous  Continue Reading
Nissan_GTR_FEATURED Quite Possibly The Best Service For Your Car… (12/28/2017) - When it comes to basic maintenance for your vehicle, many people don’t realize just how important the little things are. For example, routine oil changes are one of, if not the most important things you can do to ensure your vehicle’s longevity and engine’s health. Think of it this way; engine oil is to a car as blood is to the human body. It needs to be fresh, clean, and well circulated. Let’s take a car like the Nissan GT-R. When we at Velocity Factor have one at our facility for an oil service, we only use genuine Nissan /  Continue Reading
mini MINI Cooper ’S’ gets a sporty transformation! (12/12/2017) - A new customer to Velocity Factor recently brought us her 2015 MINI Cooper S F55 Sedan for some incredible upgrades! Inspired by a friend’s MINI Cooper she knew what she wanted to accomplish including looks, performance, and handling alike. As you can see, the car is wrapped in bright pink highlighting her love for the color. To give the car a more aggressive look, we started by blacking out all of the chrome on the car including the entire belt-line (the band of chrome below the windows and windshield all around the car) with a custom-wrapped vinyl. This was followed  Continue Reading
Ferrari_458_Spyder_1 Beautiful Red Ferrari gets the Velocity Factor Treatment! (10/2/2017) - When it comes to accessorizing, customizing, and enhancing your exotic cars, Velocity Factor has you covered from A to Z! We were recently entrusted one of the world’s finest prancing horse exotics in the forms of a Ferrari 458 Spyder, and were honored to work on it accordingly! With the 458 Spyder, the owner wanted to tastefully enhance the look with keeping the originality in using Ferrari factory parts. We installed a set of Ferrari 458 Speciale wheels in gun-metal gray to accomplish this. The 458 Speciale is a very rare car and with a few different wheel options when  Continue Reading
Hyundai_Elantra_Advan_RG3_FEATURED Jazzin’ up the wifey’s car! 2015 Hyundai Elantra gets the Velocity Factor treatment. (9/7/2017) - One of Velocity Factor's repeat customers brought us their wife's 2015 Hyundai Elantra to get some great enhancements, enabling this vehicle to stand out from the crowd. As a family of Hyundai owners with the husband driving a 560HP turbocharged 3.8 Genesis, he just had to make his wife's car unique and a lot more fun to drive as well! With the guidance and advice from Velocity Factor's knowledgable and professional staff we set this car up perfectly for our customer! Starting with an incredible set of 18" x 8" Advan RG-3 Wheels with an aggressive offset of +37 E.T.  Continue Reading
Subaru_WRX_Wedsport_FEATURED Subaru WRX Gets A Major Overhaul! (7/28/2017) - Here at Velocity Factor we’re always eager to work with, and make our customer’s cars turn out exactly as they should be; perfect! One of our customers recently brought us his new 2016 Subaru WRX to get the Velocity Factor treatment. He intentionally purchased a WRX vs. STi with the purpose of utilizing the price savings to modify the car in accordance with his personal taste and individuality. The list of modifications he wanted was extensive and we here at Velocity Factor were more than happy to turn his wishes into reality! Of course, the first thing to address was  Continue Reading
Audi_S7_Aero_FEATURED Custom Carbon Fiber Splitter & Aero Kit On Audi S7 (6/22/2017) - One of our regular customers and a friend of Velocity Factor recently brought us his beautiful Audi S7 with the desire to have it looking unique with a more aggressive stance from all angles while remaining tasteful and functional. As we’re renowned for our custom carbon fiber work, we designed and created a full 5-piece aero kit that fulfilled his desires. The kit consists of a carbon fiber front splitter, side skirts, and rear spats. This is what the kit looks like before installation:   The customer was ecstatic with the looks of his custom parts, and we began the  Continue Reading
Lexus_ISF_Featured Lexus IS-F Back For Some Nitrous! (6/13/2017) - One of Velocity Factor’s numerous repeat customers brought us back his Lexus IS-F for a custom nitrous setup after having his initial modifications done here. In true Velocity Factor form, we wanted to give the customer the on-demand power he sought, while maintaining the safety, integrity, and longevity of the motor. We called our friends at Nitrous Express and worked with them to acquire all the components we’d need to give our customer what he was looking for and more! After numerous conversations with our customer he decided to go with a +75 shot of nitrous. Clearly, power and speed  Continue Reading
Hyundai_Genesis_Coupe Hyundai Genesis Coupe 3.8L V6 Turbo – The Ultimate Build (4/15/2017) - This customer came in to the shop with a desire to build to ultimate 3.8L Hyundai Genesis Coupe.  This car got a complete overhaul, starting with the suspension. We installed a set of ARK's new DT-P coilovers to lower the car and improve the overall handling of the vehicle. To improve the handling of the vehicle even further we installed Whiteline's Front and Rear Sway Bars. We ordered and installed a full turbo kit that is custom built for this vehicle, as well as a ARK GRiP cat-back exhaust system. The turbo kit was rated for gains of 140+ additional  Continue Reading
Lexus_ISF_Featured Lexus IS-F Gets Tein Springs, Rays Wheels, Caliper Paint, and More! (3/9/2017) - A long-time customer of Velocity Factor brought us back his beautiful Lexus IS-F to get more upgrades beyond those he received initially. Previously we did a series of such upgrades including a custom designed, one-off carbon fiber aero kit. While the car looked incredible, the customer wanted to have his vehicle stand apart even more! The first solution to this was changing his stock wheels for a set of custom wheels and as one of South Florida’s preeminent dealers for top-quality aftermarket wheels, we had a great selection in stock to choose from. Please see below for some pictures of  Continue Reading