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ARK Infiniti Q60 coupe white To Infiniti And Beyond! (10/12/2018) - When it comes to incredible platforms of cars to build on, there are certainly many to choose from. It’s hard to beat the reliability and dependability that today’s Japanese cars offer and they keep getting better and better. The new Infiniti Q50/Q60 platform with the 3.0 twin-turbo V6 engine is certainly one of the best we’ve seen in quite some time. There are a number of variants in these to choose from, including rear or all-wheel drive, and a “base” model twin turbo motor all the way up to a “Red Sport” that makes 400 horsepower from the factory! Velocity  Continue Reading
Wheels on Floor Custom Wheels Galore! (10/5/2018) - When it comes to making any vehicle “your own” there is no modification that makes as bold a statement as upgrading to a custom set of wheels. These allow for the owner’s taste, style, and personality to be reflected directly onto their vehicle. At Velocity Factor, we know how important this is to our customers and why we carry a large variety of wheels from the industry’s top manufacturers. We are one of the largest dealers for RAYS Engineering, Volk Racing, Gram Lights, Advan, and Yokohama wheels. Velocity Factor also proudly carries and offers wheels from BBS, Vossen, Fuel, Niche,  Continue Reading
Golf1 2018 VW Golf ‘R’ Transformed Into a 400+HP Beast! (9/28/2018) - There’s no greater compliment than repeat customers who come back for work on their new cars. In this particular instance, our customer with this beautiful 2018 Volkswagen Golf ‘R’ previously came to Velocity Factor with his BMW X5 3.5is to which we did a number of upgrades. When it came time for the customer to move on to a different vehicle, he chose the excellent Golf ‘R’ platform from which to begin a new journey. With performance being the first priority, there was no doubt of what company’s products to choose from and of course we went with Unitronic! In  Continue Reading
Moreno RCF2 Across the Country, Velocity Factor Delivers! (9/14/2018) - It’s no secret that we here at Velocity Factor love Carbon Fiber as much as any enthusiast. We proudly offer our own distinct line of Carbon Fiber bodykits and accessories for numerous applications. One of the most popular lines is our Lexus RC-F bodykit which consists of a Carbon Fiber Front Splitter, Carbon Fiber Side Skirts, Carbon Fiber Rear Bumper Spats, and optional Carbon Fiber Side View Mirrors and Carbon Fiber Hood Scoop. A customer from afar reached out to us after seeing our kit online to order one for their car. They were duly impressed by the beauty and  Continue Reading
KJeep1 Yes, we do Jeeps and other cars too! (8/31/2018) - Here at Velocity Factor we’ve cut our teeth over the years doing the best performance work, enhancements, and service on Import and European cars. That being said, we certainly don’t discriminate and many of our customers own exotic cars and domestics cars and trucks as well. Having recognized the excellent quality work Velocity Factor is known for, of course we’ve been asked to do everything to these vehicles as well. From Lamborghinis, Maseratis and Ferraris to Corvettes, Camaros, Mustangs, Hellcats, Challengers, Chargers, and all other Chevy, Ford and Mopar vehicles to pickup trucks and Jeeps we’ve been working on them  Continue Reading
Genaro S4-3 Staging A Proper Audi S4 Build (8/22/2018) - Any fan of Audi knows that the 3.0TFSI Supercharged engines are incredibly stout, well designed, and quite underpowered given their potential from the factory. This particular customer’s vehicle, a beautiful 2013 Audi S4 is being put together from start to finish by a very discerning customer who wants to appreciate everything in stages. Looks came first for this vehicle so the customer had a unique carbon fiber “ducktail” spoiler installed along with a set of custom 19 inch wheels and a BC Racing coil-over suspension to lower the ride height of the car. You know the saying; “decrease the altitude  Continue Reading
New Unitronic Intake Image1 Product Spotlight: Unitronic Tuning and Performance Parts for Audi and Volkswagen (8/15/2018) - With more than 15 years offering the best tuning and performance products, Unitronic lives up to their slogan every day to “Deliver the Power!” Their team of engineers are amongst the top in the automotive aftermarket in designing, thoroughly testing, and developing the best software tuning and parts for Audi and Volkswagen vehicles in the world! Unitronic relentlessly evaluates and ensures that every product is tested in the world’s most extreme conditions to ensure quality and reliability to match their unbeatable consistent performance. With a large number of in-house Volkswagen and Audi vehicles for product development, you can be rest  Continue Reading
After_FEATURED Supercharged FR-S! Jackson Racing Supercharger Install (8/9/2018) - The crew here at Velocity Factor are lucky enough to work on some of the newest and coolest vehicles you can find on the road. While the stock Scion FR-S may not be the coolest car you have ever seen, it is truly a perfect vehicle for a true driving enthusiast. The vehicle comes under powered from the factory, rated at 200HP. What this vehicle lacks in power it most certainly makes up for with handling! A customer brought us his beautiful Scion FR-S to remedy that lack of power, and make his ride a little more fun to drive  Continue Reading
Rihards_BMW_FEATURED BMW 340i M-Package Perfection! (5/21/2018) - It’s no surprise that BMW’s B58 motor which replaced the N55 is an extremely stout engine. Making just over 300 horsepower in stock form it’s got some grunt. However, there’s always room for more and this beautiful 2018 340i M Package car’s owner had a vision which Velocity Factor was more than happy to make a reality. For the utmost in performance and sound, the car was fitted with an Evolution Racewerks stainless steel down-pipe with high-flow catalytic converter. Additionally, an Akrapovic Titanium exhaust with Carbon Fiber Tips was installed. A Burger Tuning Cold Air Intake system was next along  Continue Reading
Niche Tesla Model S Tesla: “Modernizing the Modern” (3/26/2018) - What better way to give a beautiful car like the TESLA a unique touch with an enhanced yet subtle upgrade than custom brake caliper painting? At Velocity Factor, we specialize in custom caliper painting with the proper heat-resistant paint, duplicating the “Tesla” and “T” logos all around, and finishing it off with a protective clear-coat finish for the utmost in durability! When it comes to adding flair and character to your vehicle, Velocity Factor has you covered from start to finish! We offer numerous Tesla customization options to enhance and meet your needs and desires. From custom wheels to lowering  Continue Reading