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bmw_435_exhuast_springs_featured 2016 BMW 435i Gets H&R Springs and Magnaflow Exhaust (11/10/2016) - A new customer for Velocity Factor brought in his new 2016 BMW 435i for a little modification. The car was brand new and the customer was concerned about not voiding his factory warranty. Because the customer did not want to void the warranty, it limits what upgrades you can put into the vehicle. He wanted the vehicle to be a little louder but wanted to retain the luxury feel of his ride, so no loud system with a ton of in-cabin drone. Check out some photos below of his ride before we started working on it, notice the stock ride  Continue Reading
bmw_m4_makeover_blog_featured BMW M4 Gets H&R Springs, Akrapovic Exhaust, aFe Intake, Burger JB4, Active Autowerke Downpipes, & Carbon Aero Kit! (11/3/2016) - A new customer of Velocity Factor brought us his brand new BMW M4 for some performance & styling upgrades. This ride is SICK from the factory, but for some people, sick is just not enough. This customer wanted more speed! To cure his itch for more horsepower we called up our friends at Burger Motorsports, creators of the JB4. The JB4 unit is a great way to add some serious power without breaking the bank or tearing your whole motor apart. He was also interested in giving the vehicle a nice sound. We installed Active Autowerke Downpipes and an Akrapovic  Continue Reading
wrx_stage2_family_build_featured One Fast Family – 2 WRX’s, 1 Goal…SPEED (10/27/2016) - Recently we had the pleasure of meeting a really cool husband and wife, both owners of new Subaru WRX. Awesome people deserve awesome rides, and this couple came to the right place. Both were very knowledgeable and knew exactly what they were looking to do and what they were hoping to achieve. New WRX, low miles, stock, looking for a little more out of their vehicle, one name came to mind...COBB. We ended up going COBB Stage II on both vehicles. Here are some photos of both cars before we started the builds. We installed the following on BOTH of  Continue Reading
orange_lexus_rcf_g25_featured Lexus RC-F in for RAYS G25 Edge & RS-R Springs (10/4/2016) - A customer brought his brand new Lexus RC-F to us with a minor problem. He had been to a wheel shop previously to purchase some new wheels for his ride and left with a bad taste in his mouth. He was not satisfied with the product he had received, or with the fitment of the wheel on the vehicle. He came to Velocity Factor for some other work and we gave him a few different options for wheels that are made for the RC-F that he was interested in. We ended up taking in his wheels on trade towards a  Continue Reading
Golf R Gets A New Billy Boat Downpipe! (9/26/2016) - A Volkswagen Golf R we had recently worked on came back for some more work. We had installed a Billy Boat Catback exhaust system on it not long ago. If you haven't checked out the original post, you can here. This time our customer was stopping by to have his new Billy Boat catted downpipe installed, allowing him to get his Stage 2 Software upgrade! Billy Boat makes an incredible product, handmade exhaust components that sound excellent. We installed the downpipe and wrapped it with DEI Titanium Exhaust Wrap to keep temperatures down. Adding the downpipe allowed this customer to  Continue Reading
VW_Toureg_FEATURED Toureg Gets Niche Wheels & Custom Exhaust! (8/31/2016) - This vehicle rolled into the shop completely stock, but the owner was interested in an affordable way to make his SUV sound alot meaner. We have a number of skilled technicians, and fabricators in house that were more than capable of taking on the task. To go along with the exhaust improvement the owner of this Toureg wanted a nice set of wheels to really change the look and stance of his ride. For the wheels we went with a Niche Targa M130 in Black & Machined w/ Dark Tint. The finish of these wheels goes really well with the  Continue Reading
Audi_Forge_Intake_FEATURED Audi A3 Revo Stage 1 (8/30/2016) - This new Audi A3 came to us looking for a Stage 1 flash but left with much, much more! We installed the Revo Technik Stage 1 Tune on his vehicle, and paired the tune with a Revo SPS which has a number of really cool functions. The SPS stands for Serial Port Switch and gives you the ability to switch easily between the different maps you may have set up. The SPS also allows you to set your vehicle in valet mode or anti theft mode! While we were flashing the vehicle with its new performance software we had our  Continue Reading
Billy Boat Catback on a NEW Golf R! (8/29/2016) - One of our customers is the owner of a brand new Volkswagen Golf R! This customer was interested in adding a performance exhaust that produced a nice deep tone. He wasn't interested in having an exhaust that was obnoxiously loud, or something that produced considerable drone. Both of these stipulations were easily met by getting a Billy Boat Catback System for his vehicle. Billy Boat has been around for many years, those who have owned one of their exhaust systems know the quality product and sound they produce. This catback system delivers a deep tone during high RPMs but does  Continue Reading
COBB AccessPORT (8/11/2016) - Why would I want to tune my vehicle's engine? There are a number of reasons why someone would want to add an engine tune to their vehicle. These reasons range from improving fuel economy to improving power. As hard as it may be to wrap your head around, some people even tune their vehicles to reduce the power! Sounds crazy to take power away from your engine, but in many ways this can improve the longevity of your vehicle. Engine tunes aiming to add more power to your vehicle also increase wear on certain engine components faster than on stock  Continue Reading
NISMO 370Z ARK Exhaust & Custom Wheels (6/6/2016) - A brand new Nismo edition Nissan 370Z is literally a work of art. From the factory these cars are enough for most, but the owner of this ride wanted more! Our customer really liked the stock wheels on his car but thought they would look awesome in red. We took the wheels off and sent them to our paint shop to be custom painted with a candy red paint that POPS in the sun! Check out some pictures of how the wheels came out below: Our client also was interested in changing out his exhaust system for something with a  Continue Reading